Swapp selfies, make friends.



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Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
I always find it curious when apps like this say 'meet new friends' - using X, Y, Z method. Lets be real, this is a dating app. I don't think I'd see myself (maybe I'm an exception?) taking selfies and swapping with some other boys trying to make friends. So then it crosses into the Tinder/dating game category. And then it just seems exactly like Tinder... Disclaimer: I'm having a period of anger towards dating apps because I just can't be bothered so this may have influenced my thoughts here haha
How is this different from Tinder?
Joe TreeMaker@joetree · Designer // Edinburgh / Scotland
@leonn - unlike Tinder there are no profiles, just selfies. Much more visual, more in the moment. And it's more about making friends than dates. Hope you like it!
GRANT☁️Hunter@grantmac_ · neu.studio
This is a cool take on a Tinder X Snapchat concept. Really interesting how all text messaging must be attached to a selfie.
Joe TreeMaker@joetree · Designer // Edinburgh / Scotland
Thanks Grant!
Joe TreeMaker@joetree · Designer // Edinburgh / Scotland
Very excited to see how people use it...