Swap Sword

A match-3 puzzle game with roguelike battles

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Hey all! I'm the animator / co-designer on this, also been addicted since January.... ;p Would love to hear what people think!
I should also mention! First player to score 1600+ gets a custom .gif portrait drawn and animated by me, in the style of the Swap Sword player character. <3 get at me
This game is so good! I don't usually play match-3 games but I love the battle elements and the unpredictability that brings. I legit lost about 3 hours last night without even realizing it, making this one of the more dangerous things I've downloaded in awhile. Nice work!
@shinyee_au Thanks Cindy, & thanks for posting it! Also sorry.... ;p
@shinyee_au Same! First of these types of games that I've kept playing.
Really enjoying the simplicity and style at the beginning, and complexity as you progress through the game. Been following you guys building on Twitter for a while, great work!
<3 Swap Sword. Also addicted. :)