Swap Sword

A match-3 puzzle game with roguelike battles

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Diego '(♡ε♡)' GarcíaMaker@radstronomical · Game Developer & Animator
Hey all! I'm the animator / co-designer on this, also been addicted since January.... ;p Would love to hear what people think!
Diego '(♡ε♡)' GarcíaMaker@radstronomical · Game Developer & Animator
I should also mention! First player to score 1600+ gets a custom .gif portrait drawn and animated by me, in the style of the Swap Sword player character. <3 get at me
Cindy AuHunter@shinyee_au · VP Member Operations at Pilotworks
This game is so good! I don't usually play match-3 games but I love the battle elements and the unpredictability that brings. I legit lost about 3 hours last night without even realizing it, making this one of the more dangerous things I've downloaded in awhile. Nice work!
Diego '(♡ε♡)' GarcíaMaker@radstronomical · Game Developer & Animator
@shinyee_au Thanks Cindy, & thanks for posting it! Also sorry.... ;p
Jenn de la Vega@jdelavegs · Community Manager at Flipboard
@shinyee_au Same! First of these types of games that I've kept playing.
Paul unr Morrison@iamunr · Web Developer, Loot Market
Really enjoying the simplicity and style at the beginning, and complexity as you progress through the game. Been following you guys building on Twitter for a while, great work!
Jonnie Hallman@destroytoday · Founder, Destroy Today / Cushion
<3 Swap Sword. Also addicted. :)