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Swap Ideas was created by the Idea Hunt community to help the growing number of entrepreneurs that face challenges alone, and don’t have the big budgets to hire consultants. The service is free, and based on a simple principle: give ideas to receive them. Upon signing up we will matchmake you with 5 other entrepreneurs that want feedback on their business models, landing pages and/or user acquisition. The idea exchange will take place on Idea Hunt. If you’re happy with the ideas and feedback you receive from other idea swappers, we encourage you to write a LinkedIn recommendation as a note of thanks. We’re really happy to share this community project with Product Hunt, and look forward to swapping ideas with you!
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@tribaling Great work Elia & rest of the team! I really like Idea Hunt in and of itself, but to sign up to swap ideas with other entrepreneurs really takes it to the next level. This must be the definition of win-win, an opportunity to help others, as well as receiving outside perspectives for your own project. It's an interesting way of creating stronger connections and networks online, one-to-one with other entrepreneurs. Also, your encouragement to write LinkedIn recommendations as a thanks is just brilliant!
@thisisgustav @tribaling Gustav, that's just it - to be able to exchange ideas with people who are in similar stages, crucial stages of building startups and businesses and constructively collaborate to solve challenges - it's incredible!
You should share this over at /r/entrepreneur and /r/startups I do like the idea of having to give out ideas in order to receive them. Seems everyone wants to ask for help but rarely turns around and provides it (speaking about message boards, reddit subs, etc not life in general).
@natelegler Wow, great idea! We love ideas! Are you active on there? Thinking out loud: Ideally someone in the community would post it.
@tribaling I am active on both of those. Right now might not be a bad time for you to post here https://www.reddit.com/r/startup... I'll be happy to share about it on /r/entrepreneur
@natelegler Thanks! Please do and I will check out your other tip
@natelegler Thanks for the ideas! These are great - and what Swap Ideas is all about! We are really excited that people have grasped the genesis of the idea from the very start and are excited about collaboration and co-creation as means to elevate the entrepreneurial community!
@natelegler I tried this with Idea Buddy. Forcing users to type things into a box led to a lot of crappy ideas. :/
What was behind the choice of using Linkedin login only? What does the actual platform look like behind the login? (without making me login first of course ha)
@bentossell Thanks, great questions! The LinkedIn login was selected to make a great matchmaking between users based on their professional profile (title, skills etc). Once you sign-up we will matchmake you with 5 other entrepreneurs that have similar challenges, and help you to setup a brief on Idea Hunt (concierge style). You will choose if you want to keep your challenge private to the group of 5, or share it with the public. This is what a selection of challenges on Idea Hunt looks like. We have collected more than 10 000 ideas for 700 companies this year. http://ideahunt.io/tag/featured
@tribaling @bentossell Github sign in would be awesome!
@eonpilot Thanks for the idea 😄 we have now implemented a standard email signup in response to feedback we received about LinkedIn being too high friction
Great idea and corresponding product! This is something that entrepreneurs can use and benefit greatly from in many ways! Having access to great minds through your product and associated services is really attractive. The value of ideas can resonate tremendously for a startup!... Users from varying fields of expertise all bring unique experience to base their ideas off of! Fresh perspectives are so critical for startups... I can't stress this enough! I am really excited to join (if you can't tell)! :) Best regards! JB.
@jay_bee12345 We're excited to see who you are matched with and the great ideas that come out of that exchange Jaswinder!
@tribaling once again great job! Idea Hunt is an amazing community, and keeps delivering great things every time they are challenged with ideas and feedback!
@jrdbacosta @tribaling Thanks Joao! The @IdeaHuntapp community is a place like no other