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#1 Product of the DayMarch 27, 2020
Swan is Bitcoin investing made easy. Just connect any major US bank account, set an amount, and choose your savings option/amount (weekly, paycheck, or monthly). App steadily converts your dollars into Bitcoin savings. It buys more when the price goes down.
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Hi everyone, Yan (the maker) here We built Swan because we believe that Bitcoin is the best money ever invented and that the best way to save money is by doing it automatically. Swan connects directly to your bank account and withdraws money weekly, monthly, or every paycheck and turns it straight into Bitcoin. You can set up a Bitcoin savings plan in just a few minutes and be on your way to building a Bitcoin stack. We know that Bitcoin may appear daunting at first, so we take care of everything. Your Bitcoin is stored safely with a licensed and regulated trust company until you’re ready to take custody of it yourself. Our team includes Bitcoin authors and podcasters who have teamed up to create some of the best educational content for you on your journey into Bitcoin. We’ll help you understand Bitcoin’s history, value, and how to take control of your own Bitcoin in your own wallet. Looking forward to lots of your feedback!
Found you on Twitter, but this has made me want to check out swan. Right now I buy from cash app, but I do have to remember to buy. One hesitation I have: I want to auto DCA, but I also want to buy more when it's cheap. Do/will y'all have an automatic option like "if BTC is trading at >20% below [whatever moving average the user wants], buy [this much more] btc?
@dostrismostris Hey Alex! We absolutely LOVE this idea. Quite a few people have requested "formula investing" and we are seriously considering it.
With the market crash, I've been thinking about how I need to diversify and start investing more in Bitcoin. Came across this interesting app that lets you automatically take a % of your paycheck and invest it in Bitcoin. Worth a look.
Interesting idea, how do you make money?
@luikohl Hi Lui, Thanks for your question! We are proud to offer lower fees than our competitors in some cases *much* lower, making Swan the best and most affordable way to invest in Bitcoin. 🙂 Swan is a tool to set up automatic Bitcoin investment plans. Set it and forget it. We offer weekly, paycheck, and monthly Bitcoin investment plans. You can customize your plan to fit your needs. We have different fee tiers based on how much bitcoin you’re buying every month. You can lock in our lowest fee (0.99%) by buying as little as $50/week worth of bitcoin. You can see our simple fee table here: https://imgur.com/AEnQkVf Brady 😄
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