swaggr socks

Extremely comfortable socks from recycled plastic!

Swaggr socks are made out of 85% recycled plastic bottles and a total of 93% recycled materials. More than two bottles are used to make each pair of socks. The result is an extremely comfortable, stretchy, and breathable athletic sock that fits everyone from a kids size 1 up to an adult male size 16.

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Thank you for hunting us Nikki! I have a special discount that’s only available to Product Hunters - a pack of all 5 sock colors. Just use this link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projec... I have spent so much time digging through Product Hunt for software and I’m so excited to share this completely new and different path that we’re headed down! Happy to answer any questions!
Our society has become reliant upon single-use plastics. However, 91% of plastic is not recycled as of today. Instead, studies show 8 million tons of plastic waste enters our oceans each year through rivers and and improper disposal. Plastic bottles, straws, and bags all are being found in the stomachs of sea creatures and wreaking havoc on our ecosystem. Once this plastic enters the ocean, it lasts for at least 400 years -- but not in its full form. The large plastics start to break down into smaller pieces that are forming mass clouds which have been given names like “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” -- now larger than the state of Texas! swaggr's mission is to raise awareness of the dramatic effects that not recycling has on the ocean. AND develop and sell the most comfortable socks in the world. The socks are manufactured in the U.S. and sustainability is core to the company's business operations. This is an idea that everyone can get behind!
Saves the world and super comfy!

These are the most comfortable athletic sock I’ve ever worn. They are so soft.


Soft and comfortable.


I haven’t found any cons!

Looks like a really neat idea and use of recyclable materials. I'm sure you will get the funding you need. I would suggest design improvements in the future, as the current one looks a bit generic.
@tostartafire Thank you for the feedback, Dan! I agree. We were definitely constrained by our goal to have the socks stretch for "one size fits all" so there are very few places that we can add design without taking away that function but there are some cool things we can do with colors where you see the white breathable mesh layer through the grey. We also hope to work toward different sock heights!