Swag for Dev

A list of opportunities for developers to score some swag 😎


As a developer, nothing piques my interest as much as developer swag! This is an attempt to list down the current swag opportunities for developers.

Feel free to send a PR! πŸ˜„

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Paul Cuciureanu
Mohamed Gaber
Alfonso Guerra
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  • Alfonso Guerra
    Alfonso GuerraFounder/CEO, Apokalypse Software Corp.

    Some nice rewards listed. Often for helping build a community instead of free work for the provider.


    If you have to work to get it, it isn't swag. It's a wage or reward. Probably taxable, too.

    Check the list often.

    I like the idea of a resource for neat or fun compensation to devs for helping some project. If used enough it could even be a community or product of its own.

    My only real gripe is that it should be called Rewards for Dev instead of Swag.

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  • Pros:Β 

    It's nice to receive one free.


    thank you if not

    just trying

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