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Would love to know how you grabbed that domain name. ;-)
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Site design looks classy but prices are bit high. @jeremy parker any insights on for how much you guys purchase such classy domain?
@evivz Thanks Vivek! Our main goal when creating our site was only to offer quality products. We tested thousands of products in each category and over 99% of them didn't make the cut. You can definitely go to other promotional sites and find less expensive products, but those products are not the same quality as the the products that we offer. If you do compare similar quality products on Swag.com vs other sites (let's say Custom Ink for example), you will find that we are significantly less expensive. We made sure of it! For example if you wanted to buy a 100 Triblend t-shirts with a 2 color print on the front of the shirt, on Custom Ink it's $14.19 each and on Swag.com it is $12.26 each. Obviously the more you order the less expensive it will be. Thanks so much for taking the time to check out our site!
@jeremy_parker Any insights on how much you paid for the domain?
@evivz I hear rumors that it was $8.95 on GoDaddy.
@webjoe @evivz I'm sure at one point it was!
We’re extremely passionate about good swag. We’ve attended a ridiculous number of events and received our fair share of promotional products; some good but most bad. A company purchasing poor swag is not only throwing away their money, as no one will want it, they’re also smacking their own brand in the face. Be impactful, strengthen your company culture and communicate your core values with our superior quality. Our mission is simple. Only offer the finest products. No more searching through thousands of products — we’ve done the hard work for you. Please let us know your thoughts and any suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you.
@jeremy_parker I love fine/high-quality products. Depending on who you ask I think Swag provokes mixed reviews. But SWAG is fun! :) Do you have a "virtual-showroom" of company swag you have previously created? You have a large # of top companies as clients would love to see some of the finished products!
@as_austin Thanks Austin! We have posted some of our work on our Instagram page - swagdotcom.ig but haven't posted everything. Would love to help you out on your next swag order!
Thanks for checking out our site!
Odd... Swag (noun) a curtain or piece of fabric fastened so as to hang in a drooping curve. Shwag (noun) products given away free, typically for promotional purposes.
@arlogilbert hey yea people call it different things, but swag is actually an acronym for the promotional industry. Stands for "souvenirs wearables and gifts"
@jeremy_parker this is not correct. The word 'swag' in this context is not an acronym, but an ironic adoption of a word defined as "money or goods taken by a thief or burglar." In this case, the branded 'swag' that conference-goers leave wearing or carrying is a sly analog to the items taken by the thieves in the definition. The force-fit acronym that you reference is cute, but wrong. @arlogilbert is correct in that many people do use this pronunciation, but it is not used universally, and both pronunciations refer to this spelling.