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I first used Swabbl a few days ago—I joined a business team created for a startup event—and I've liked what I've seen so far. Quick onboarding, sleek interface and a great use case: How businesses can collaborate on finding clients and opportunities.
@jiraisurfer thanks for all Antoine, feel free to contact me :)
An app for hunting business for your team and tips from Pablo Escobar https://www.swabbl.com/technique... 🤔 😆 🇫🇷
@edwinzacipa Thanks Edwin to featured our app on PH, very nice from your part ! There is also english version articles on Swabbl ; https://www.swabbl.com/en/blog-i...
Proud to be on PH today...feel free to contact us and ask questions ;)
cool collaborative app for business :)
Signed up, will have a look around and give some feedback in a few days, so far I only see french needs :P
@victormanriquey Thanks for your first feedback, when you use swabbl, needs and opportunities are coming from the members of your business teams :) in french it's just exemples (we are going to put them in english to;))
@giraudch Oh right! That was not too clear then ;) Glad to know it's working, will keep on using it and let you guys know more, thanks!