App for teens to augment real-life emotions

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So what is someone's swag then? I didn't quite understand what the 'swag' actually is.
@bentossell I think I can clear this up. Got this from the about section: We are a team of Superheros aiming to create a better world for digital natives. Our vision is to relieve today's teen generation from the evil conditions of the social world, limiting them to express exitments, moods, love and other "vibes" the same way they do when they meet with friends offline. The internet is a cold medium and the way social media works is broken as it was not build for today's generation. We are here to rescue! Swaaag Superheros are creating the emotional highway - taking you beyond the limitation of a comment, a like or just being another "follower". Be part of the story. teen's #1 app to upvote friend's popularity
@doivoid I think that explains it even less to me haha
Very confusing product, I don't really get what is it about :) Could you please clarify what is augmented emotion?
@arturkiulian Hey Artur, thought I'd jump in here, my name is Tommy and I've used Swaaag for about a year now. Anyways, there are tons of sites and apps that keep people in contact, but there isn't really a place that brings friends closer together. Swaaag's vision is too bridge this gap. How it works: one person posts a video, really about anything. (a nice sunset, funny joke they heard, etc.) Then their friends leave stickers expressing what they felt watching the video. This really makes it a lot more meaningful. 20 likes and 20 stickers feel completely different, the only way you really can really notice the difference is by trying it yourself. There are tons of other little features, but that's really the core of this app. Let me know if you have any more questions. -Tommy
I think if you don't get it (me included) it means it's not a product for you. I can sort of understand that the idea but personally I dont think I'd be using this app. Good luck though!
@erictwillis, thank you for hunting swaaag. @bentossell , @doivoid , @arturkiulian , @fazkamisan ... thanks for your comments and for taking the time to send feedback. How we come up with the idea? Couple months ago my 14 years old son told me that he & his friends are bored to use current social apps - as those were built primarily to keep peers tuned, while they miss an enriched way to interact with each other. That's when they asked me to solve that problem and when we came up with the vision to create a tool that matches their offline behavior. What is it for? We developed swaaag for teenagers, who are all about getting rewarded/recognition from friends for the fun things they do during the day. How is it different? Unlike Instagram or Snapchat where teen's can only get a like or a comment on a post, swaaag makes it fun for teens to upvote their friend's post (= video). To do so they use stickers, each with a different value, starting at 5 to 500. This empowers teens to express how much they liked what they saw. The recipient of those valuable stickers collects the credits and gets on a TOP 10 leaderboard ... aka rewarded with visibility. Swaaag's gamified experience takes teen's beyond the "thumbs up" Capture and Share thrilling times Get upvoted Be TOP 10 swagr
@todiba so someone posting a swaaag is someone posting a video?
yep @bentossell - you are right: our community of teens call "the act of posting a video" = "to swag" ... hence they call a video on the swaaag app a "swag". Teens we meet in person using swaaag, make a clear distinction for when they use what app: - teens use Snapchat for moments they don't care to hold on to = ephemeral. - they use Instagram to post primarily pictures - in order to avoid missing a moment / not a situation - they use vine to primarily consume content ... aka watch videos when bored - teens use swaaag to hold on to thrilling times (= video) and to show off between peers ... on which they expect an enriched reaction (our valuable stickers) - that lead to visibility on a leaderboard Because of the upvote mechanic - it has a similar gamified impact as @PRODUCTHUNT, whereas "our hunted product" is the user's video (=swag) - which friends have fun to express how much they liked it to reward with a leaderboard position. Swaaag also runs offline events that create an amazing vibe around the product ... as I explain on my blog: “People DON’T buy stuff - they buy what stuff DOES WITH them”. FYI: http://whatittak.es/post/1316686... On our product roadmap we are focusing on creating an even more innovative & more richer way for peers to interact around videos. Happy to share more.
so fundamentally it is the same popularity contest for teens that Instagram has become? stickers instead of likes? feels like it will promote the same problems with teens and perpetuate the popularity contest issues, just with stickers