Discover interesting people and news based on what you tweet

A little rough around the edges yet, Sven is the kind of tweep-discovery tool that could help "save twitter" (if you believe twitter needs saving, a long conversation for another forum). It makes so much sense to correlate the content that you actually share to tweeps you could meet. The point isn't to find more content, like Nuzzel. The point is to find interesting tweeps. Which will lead to more content but...anyway.... Tried it. Found a dozen cool peeps to follow in less than 7 minutes. Happy dance.
Thank you @kkdub! That's why we're doing it! 💃 But with Svven it doesn't matter how many tweeps you follow on Twitter. It only relies on your latest tweets to figure out just the tweeps most similar to you at that moment and gives you their news. You don't have to keep following if you're using Svven - it has you covered. The only thing you need to do is tweet what matters to you, and Svven gives you back interesting tweeps and news.
I use Nuzzel for this and serves me really well - keen to hear from anyone who has used this as to the benefits :)
@bentossell Svven looks a bit like Nuzzel indeed.. But they work differently and are useful in very different ways! Nuzzel is very good for power users that figured out all there is to follow, and it aggregates the news from that. Svven on the other hand is a tool that only considers the links you tweet, and automatically discovers similar people (aka fellows) based on that. Then it aggregates the news tweeted by these fellows -- so this 2nd step is kinda like what Nuzzel does. Because of this approach Svven works pretty well for Twitter users that haven't figured out who to follow yet. They only need to tweet a couple of links so Svven discovery kicks in and figures out the rest. This also introduces an important incentive for users to tweet what matters to them. So you see although they look alike, Svven is quite different from Nuzzel.
@bentossell have to mention that we just launched few hours back.. Signups started coming but there are not that many users yet. We appreciate any feedback guys!
Interesting approach!
Thank you @julien51 ! Yeah, old idea - new looks ;)
Happy to see it finally launched! I know Alex and his story with Svven since the early days, and because we share the same passion for Twitter, I’ve seen Svven in Beta and watched it grow. What I most like about Svven is that it offers a relevant method to navigate around Twitter. The content (links) you are sharing represents the key helping you find other accounts interested in the same things as you are. Twitter is like a party where everyone stays separately, in small groups. Svven is like being at the right party all the time, with all the cool people.
Thank you @isabinuta , let's get the party started! 🎉