Replace your new tab with breathtaking VR/360° photos



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Nathan-- thanks for hunting! Quick origin story:
It all started a few weeks ago when Brent was reading ‘The Power of Habit’ by Charles Duhigg and kept coming back to the idea of consumers needing to build a routine around experiencing VR content.

We wanted to build a "non-excusable" VR experience, something minimal, enjoyable that could kick start the new year with a new routine of VR/360.

SVRF Tabs is the first Chrome extension of its kind and we strongly believe it is the lowest friction way for people to begin consuming VR/360 content everyday :) Excited to hear your feedback!
Michael Dempsey — Principal at Compound
VR. all. the. time...Love this. Nice job Sophia, Brent, and SVRF Squad.
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