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Thank you Nathan for hunting! Means the world! We're excited to launch SVRF on Android into open beta! Say "so long" to the days of downloading multiple apps to experience VR content! SVRF is the one app you need to search, share and discover *all* VR content. SVRF enables the search and discovery of VR content right from your desktop, mobile browser and now Android :) At SVRF, we believe that everyone should be able to experience VR, just by using the phone in their pocket. That’s why SVRF for Android is built so that anyone with an Android can experience VR, with or without a headset. Read more about SVRF for Android and what's next here:
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Haris Aminco-CTO, Idea Monster
@sophiaedm congrats :)
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Jack DonovanProgrammer, IrisVR
I feel like "metaverse" has been a pretty common buzzword among VR pioneers lately, despite the fact that most developers make experiences that don't connect to any others. SVRF provides the infrastructure of a true metaverse by connecting VR experiences from thousands of brilliant minds in one place. Huge congrats on the launch; keep up the awesome work!
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Alexander Haque
Maker / Hunter
Love this! An absolute gem of an app that allows instant access to wonderfully curated 360VR content.
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Baptiste GrèvePassionated by #VR and #Ethereum
Congratulations for launching Sophia!
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Ben Broca
Really smart product! The content is amazing. Can't wait to see it grow!
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