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Sophia Dominguez
Sophia DominguezMakerHiring@sophiaedm
Thanks Nathan for hunting! Really appreciate it! We're excited to launch SVRF Web into open beta today! SVRF Web enables the search and discovery of VR content right from your desktop or mobile web browser. We’ve curated channels that allow you to go down rabbit holes of VR content across categories such as Travel, Sports, Music, and even WTF :) We hope by curating and recommending content we can educate consumers about what the best VR content is, and help them find even more incredible VR experiences more easily. Read more about SVRF web and what's next here:
Haris Amin
Haris Amin@harisamin · co-CTO, Idea Monster
@sophiaedm congrats!
Chris Sciolla
Chris Sciolla@csciolla · Front-end, Guru
Was loving the Svrf Tabs, but being able to search is another level. Didn't realize how much I missed having searchable VR for the web until I actually had it :)
Edward Lando
Edward Lando@edwardlando · angel investor and entrepreneur
Beautiful, mesmerizing product! Well done!!
Tommy Leep
Tommy Leep@leepnet · Find meaningful work with
I love seeing the world in 360 with SVRF! Thanks @sophiaedm & Brent for making it really easy to discover beautiful 360 images and VR content
Alex Adelman
Alex AdelmanHiring@alexadelman · Founder, Lolli 🍭
Looking good! Great work y'all. 🙌