Scalable, on-demand superteams

SVIL builds superteams of expert remote talent to provide companies with on demand solutions from sales and marketing to software engineering, design and much more.

SVIL sources, vets, and manages all talent, and companies get a scalable workforce perfectly flexible to their needs, all within a single subscription.

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Hello PHers. I'm one of the makers of SVIL. What we really set out to do was think of what the future of work looks like. 3 big things were important: 1- Talent matters: You need great people to build anything amazing, and having someone vet them for expertise and past experience is crucial (saves a company's time and a lot of future opportunity cost) 2- Scalability: Having a flexible workforce that a company can scale up or down depending on their need not only turns traditional recruiting on its head, it allows companies to be a lot nimbler and faster and gives employees opportunities to constantly be learning and working on new projects 3- Leverage collective expertise: The combined experience of hundreds of people who have previously solved a similar problem is much more valuable than an individual company trying to reinvent the wheel. A central source that manages and supports projects with this data can be the difference between success and wasted resources Happy to respond to any comments, and you can contact us at or you can always email me at (For experienced freelancers looking to focus on doing great work instead of spending time finding and managing clients, you can join us here:
How does SVIL ensure that work completed by your teams is of high quality?
@kendallw great question. We focus on 4 main things: 1- Each project has an Engagement Manager from SVIL who coordinates the whole project, ensures deadlines are met, QAs each completed task, and interfaces with the client almost daily 2- We create a step-by-step execution plan for each project using our internal Knowledge Base, which bases it off successful previous outcomes, thus reducing wasted time or money 3- Projects get divided up into milestone tasks which the client reviews and approves before we move forward, and each milestone gets graded with their score and feedback 4- We're careful about what we put in: Only top performers with proven past track records make it to our platform, and then still have to qualify through our multitude of work assignments and interviews vetting their execution capability
Love it! I've built a similar concept but just for project management
@joseph_io looks great. We do all our PM work internally but happy to chat offline or compare notes:
If you have experts in all those fields why not just build an amazing product?
@usfslk we do, everyday :)
@pabaniaziz I am interested in content, marketing and business development but not sure what my investment should be. Always afraid to click on that "schedule demo" button, usually it means above industry standard. The company name also didn't helped me with that matter
@usfslk no worries, just shoot me a note at and we can set up a time to chat