SVG Splash

A beautifully simple SVG painting application.

SVG Splash is a beautifully simple SVG painting application for coloring SVGs. No account required. Key features: Beautiful, simple interface, fill and/or stroke color modes, advanced color selector, one click save, tabs, dark mode, eyedropper, export code
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I like how cool this app is designed. Simple and intuitive. Is this native or electron?
@csaba_kissi Electron, hence the slightly less than ideal app size. Thanks for the positive feedback!
Hello Product Hunt! Alex here, maker of SVG Splash. This is the first 'live' application that I've ever launched. I've had some larger ones in the works for quite some time. You can view some more technical bits and bobs in the article I've linked above. I'd love to hear your thoughts, your feedback and definitely if anything goes wrong! If you like it, leave me a review on the app store or just leave a comment here to let me know you liked it. As a macOS user I haven't been able to test the Windows installer of SVG Splash. If anyone is able to give it a spin and let me know how it goes, that'd be awesome 🚀 Shout at me on twitter @alexgurr!
@alex_gurr Great and minimalistic App! The windows installer works fine! It would be great if the app could be available online as well without a need of installing it. Should be possible since it's an electron app. Great work!
Love the app! Maybe add an option for gradients?
@aguilaair_tech Thanks for the feedback! I’ve thought about gradients before, but there’s definitely some complexity there with definitions, ids and then referencing them. I’ll definitely give it some thought.
Do you think the app would be worth $0.99 on the App Store?
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Re-orderable tabs, gradients, tab previews, save as png, improved window closing/unsaved changes prompts, an array of bug fixes and more coming in the next big release of SVG Splash. Stay tuned!
@alex_gurr Very cool app! I'd suggest you create a Github repo for this app, but only for tracking issues and features (not open sourcing code or anything like that). There are a ton of features that I'd like to see in the app before I'd pay for it :)