A chrome chrome extension to grab SVG images from a site

svg-grabber is a chrome chrome extension to quickly preview, download and copy inline or embedded SVG images from a website.

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wow! It's really just in time . As before I have to open inspector with Chrome , and switch "Sources" tab, and find one by one, and drag and drop one by one again svg files, and rename one by one , that's so complicated. This svg plugin helps me to save valuable time. But I found one issue : The svg grabber page can't add incrementally svg files when reload the same source page, like producthunt .com page. right ? I have to re-click svg grabber button again . Why I need reload the same source page? Bcz there are many more svg files on multi pages without change urls. Thank you so much ! Great work!!!
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This is actually super useful! It'll definitely save me a lot of time
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it means i can steal svgs without traipsing through source code


really cool product



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This is a very nice idea. I will definitely try it out... Great job!
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makes the life easier!


easy to use


didn't find

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