SVG Colorizer

Automatically change the color palette of any given SVG pack

With this free tool, you can automatically change the entire color palette of any given SVG or any SVG pack (illustrations/design/icons), keeping its shades, shadows, and lights intact.
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Hello everyone ! Just released this free tool to colorize any SVG or SVG pack automatically. You can create your own color palettes and the algorithm will apply it to the entire SVG pack ! Really useful if you want to match your branding colors to any given vector design!
@juanpablosarmi I wonder if you have discounts / deals with iconshock. Thank you.
@infusedmj hello, we can discuss it ! We have arranged a few for charity, education etc, do you want a specific pack ?
I like the idea and I find this to be pretty useful - however, I can't get it to work with my own svg icons as the upload function doesn't appear to work (here's the console error I get -
@serbanmd hello, it's limited to 20 SVG for now, can u try with less SVG files
@juanpablosarmi I never tried to upload more than 5 files
@serbanmd can u try another pack? Not sure if the SVG code is too complex
@juanpablosarmi you're right, I think the code is a bit too complex - tried another one and it works fine! Thanks for clarifying
@serbanmd amazing :) anyhow would love to take a look to your pack , if you want pls email me at JP at iconshock ;)
@serbanmd It was an iisue with the getBBox property, it should be fixed, can you try and let me know :)
not all SVG files can be colored..
@adminfanatico we have tried a lot, would u mine send us the ones not work at my email