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Customize, scalable backgrounds and patterns for free

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 05, 2018

SVGs are small in file-size, high-definition, scalable, supported by modern browsers, and customizable, making them the perfect format for hero images. Create eye-catching backgrounds and patterns for your website or blog with this free tool that can manipulate color, shape, size, etc.... The output is CSS. No server requests or bulky files.

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Plus one for the customization! *The preview is not working with Product Hunt reference url. To see the previews I had to remove '?ref=producthunt' from the reference url.
Hopefully this should be fixed now, thanks for pointing it out @sromana14, I appreciate you posting the workaround while I sorted it out.
Seems like a great idea. On Firefox 58, I'm getting an error whenever selecting any background to preview: .
@cedricamaya if you don't mind checking again, it should be fixed. @sromana14 picked up that the "?ref=producthunt" was causing an error and I made changes to the website accordingly. Thanks for posting.
@sromana14 @bumpsetcreative works like a charm! πŸ‘
Thanks for hunting @matthew_lipman please tell us more about your project - why you started it and where you hope to take it in future πŸ™‚
Hi @abadesi, I started because of my interest in SVGs (scalable vector graphics), a web image format that I believe to play a big role in the future of web design. Two months ago I attempted displaying a SVG as a background image, proving to be a difficult process that requires handling a giant blob of code. I saw the need for such a tool in my search for a better way. The website is far from complete, and I plan to add more patterns and improved functionality. I may add premium patterns in the future so I can invest more time into the project, but there will always be freebies. I'm smiling ear to ear with the feedback I've been receiving so far.
Instant bookmark.
Also seen the issue described by @sromana14 - looks really cool though!