The automated influencer marketing platform

Awesome team we sat next to at 500 Startups. They're taking a scale approach to influencer outreach where you can post a campaign and influencers apply to participate in your campaign (or can work on a performance basis for some kinds of campaigns). Used to be only for female influencers but launched to male influencers today.
@DavidSpinks Awesome. Scale is one of the biggest problems in influencer marketing. I've been around influencer marketing for quite some time and had some great success with it. The hardest part of selling an influencer package to a "big company" is scale and lack of fit with units they know how to buy. This looks really cool.
@adamslieb You are spot on with scale problem in influencer marketing. We have crossed a few milestones on the scale side and seeing benefits of it. While our first year was more about working with startups this year we have been working with very large brands as we can provide them the necessary scale and reach. It is a challenge in our industry but I believe in next couple of years some of us will champion it and take a large market share away.
@davidspinks Thanks much for a shout out! We are super excited to open our platform to male influencers. Happy to create even more connections between brands and influencers.
My problem with this is a common one with many sites. The pricing page has different packages, but no actual prices for anything, just either request a demo and get pricing info from a sales person, or sign up for it and see what it is after you onboard. Even a range would be good (Sponsored Tweets start at $0.20 and go to $45.00 depending on Influencers used, for example)
Ross - Thanks much for the feedback. We purposely removed pricing because it was setting wrong expectations for our clients. Typically clients especially large brands are looking for a custom marketing campaign and our standard pricing was misleading them. We therefore decided to have them call us instead. However, I agree that we should update our pricing page to either directly ask them to call us or provide more guidelines. Will work on it!