Your personal bathroom assistant

SVEN is dead serious about the mission to ensure you'll never run out of toiletries or beauty products and help you get the best deals on refills.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Finally a product that takes "feeling relieved" to a complete new level!
So angry wife triggers an innovation, so basically an automated conflict escaper?
How do you create a time series? by manually triggering Sven and telling him - I am out product X amount? This sounds like a skill for Alexa to develop. My first glance of the chat window reminded me of intelligent mirror (the one with linux with white text, inside of mirror screen)
I decided to create SVEN after, once again, having run out of hair products, despite having doubled-up the last order. Around the same time, my wife became violently annoyed because she ran out of her conditioner. It was time to let people meet SVEN.
Amazon subscribe?
@mickc79 Amazon would solve a chunk of this... but is not available outside US, or at least not in most of Europe. Also, SVEN's more precise than a running subscription. :)
@mickc79 @ksommestad Plus I assume Sven doesn't have any monetary incentives, so it's just trying to be accurate, whereas Amazon would quite like you to buy more than you really need.
@mickc79 @monicabele Correct. The ambition is also to find the best possible deal for each product that needs a refill, to always optimize the cost.