A New Kind of Magazine

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 13, 2014
This was originally a personal blog for @dcurtis. He, then, turned it in to a highly curated blogging community. In order to join, you had to apply and submit writing samples. Now, to the public, it's marketed as a "new kind of magazine." [think,] However, unlike it used to be, it's open to public signup and it's an absolutely GORGEOUS markdown-driven writing platform. If you write at all, or you've been looking to, I highly suggest checking it out.
Wow. @dcurtis just published and then took down a tweet about temporarily opening up signups. I should've screencapped it! Access may very well be limited so, if you're interested, sign up quickly!
wow. here was his tweet immediately afterward: and then all of this on twitter: ...who knows. he may or may not open this back up. Sorry I jumped the gun, I was really excited. Hopefully he opens it back up...and maybe he'll do an AMA on here! ...and now redirects to sorry guys :-/
Haha, good catch though, @pomajp! I've been writing on Svbtle for ~6 months ( but the product hasn't changed other than some UI enhancements. I've wondered, "What is @dcurtis doing?" and many others have asked me the same thing. I'm curious to hear what his plans our.
Looks like it's back up. Signups open to all: