Powerful chatbots for beginners

Intuitive and friendly Chatbots platform, it can be embedded easily without coding skills. We have designed a very simple self-creation process with an estimated time of about 10 min
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Hi!! We are very happy to realize our launch, I am Alejandro CEO of Svachat. Svachat is a Chatbots platform 🤖 for customer support, we have worked in a very simple self-construction process without codes. It's a question-answer model in which you can have your Chatbot built and published in just a few minutes. Svachat allows you to redirect complex untrained questions to an agent using WhatsApp. Some of its features are: ✔️Easy and intuitive creation process. ✔️No coding required. ✔️Customize the Chat Widget, choose colors, name and add Emojis, Gifs and videos to your welcome message. ✔️Hybrid Chat, Complex questions? Don't worry, you can send your question to WhatsApp. We are excited for you to try it out and find out what you think and answer your questions!
Gran servicio, muy útil para las empresas.
@adrian_de_la_cruz ¡Muchas gracias!💪💪
@adrian_de_la_cruz Nos alegra mucho poder daros un buen servicio y seguimos trabajando seguir en esta línea :D We are very happy to be able to give you a good service and we keep on working on this way :D
I didn't want to use chatbots because it was too difficult to configure for me and expensive until I found the svachat product. I've been using your service on my website for 2 months now and I recommend it 100%, you have decreased by 80% the emails you receive support repeatedly and if you don't give an answer I can comfortably answer them using WhatsApp and Telegram
@aku_ga Thank you very much! We are very happy that your experience is a positive one, and we are sure that it will improve over time, we are constantly adding new features!
@aku_ga We exist for that reason, that any user can have a powerful chatbot no matter the level that the user has in use of technologies and putting all our effort in simplifying and facilitating its use and configuration, for this is a joy comments like yours and gives us much energy to continue on this way Existimos por ese motivo, que cualquier usuario pueda tener un poderoso chatbot sin importar el nivel que tenga el usuario en uso de tecnologías y poniendo todo nuestro esfuerzo en simplicar y facilitar su uso y configuración, por esto es una alegría comentarios como el suyo y nos da mucha energía para seguir por este camino
Una gran oportunidad para el desarrollo de los retailers locales.
@efl1966 Gracias por tu opinión Emilio! Es una solución perfecta para las empresas locales que no pueden hacer grandes desembolsos en desarrollos a medida.
@efl1966 Muchas gracias, estamos trabajando ahora mismo en ese sentido. Nuestro producto está al alcance de empresas locales con un servicio de las grandes compañías multinacionales Thank you very much, we are working on that right now. Our product is available to local companies with a service of the big multinational companies
Siempre pensé que era una solución solo para grandes Empresas. Pero Svachat acerca el chatbot a todo tipo de clientes y necesidades!