Suzy Snooze

All-in-one smart nightlight, sleep soother and baby monitor

Suzy Snooze is a new breed of baby monitor that actively helps your child get to sleep. Her soothing light and sound creates a comfortable and familiar environment, so your child gets to sleep faster and sleeps more happily. Connect Suzy to the BleepBleeps app and she becomes an audio baby monitor.

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16 Reviews5.0/5
Hi Product Hunt! We’re delighted to share Suzy Snooze with you today, and are really keen to hear what you think it! Suzy was originally funded on Kickstarter last year and since then we’ve been working hard to get Suzy to backers and ready to sell worldwide. The backers who have already received Suzy have given us some really positive feedback, and we’re really excited to send Suzy to more families. So please take a look at our video and our website and let us know what you think! Thanks so much, Tom Evans Founder, BleepBleeps
@tomevans apologies, but wifi devices around babies are harmful as the pulsating wifi affects brain development. You are causing more harm with your product than good. Do the research your self on the studies. If you really care for children and not money, make it with Ethernet capability.
It looks great, good job
ohh, it is so nice!
It looks ace!
Lol, @suzywillow. While less smart than Suzy Snooze, I bought this adorable cat nightlight for <$10 on Alibaba.