Collect and view metrics for your SaaS bills and revenue

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@_jacksmith @mgallizzi Their main difference is the Metrics part, Spend history, dashboards etc... In the future I'm pretty sure they can add a lot of value by analyzing your spend and earn and extract interesting insights.
@rdardour yeah - they just need to clarify that; as right now, they're trying to position themselves as a competitor to ifttt/zapier from their website. They should say something like "your finance team on autopilot" or something, to relate it to the finance department.
@_jacksmith or just something close to the tagline I wrote. Had to think a bit about the value they brought me ;)
@rdardour agreed. your tagline made more sense than their own website
Great service that I've been using for a while, Automates collecting PDF bills from all online services, puts them in a dropbox folder and generates graphs with them.
@rdardour Thank you for this nice surprise! Hope you will like what is coming next... ;)
@tgparis Pleasure. Want to have a coffee when we're both in paris?
Love how clean the home page is. Few thoughts: 1. I think of IFTTT and Zapier. How is this different? I don't like to point out competitors, but it's a pain to move things over (which is why I still have a ton of stuff at IFTTT). 2. Messaging-wise, this was a tad confusing for me: "Raw data made fresh! A tailored experience for you, today's entrepreneurs." (found on Twitter), or "Raw Data Made Fresh" (found on Facebook). Something that is intuitive makes me think the least to understand the *value* that you provide. I know this is valuable, but how can you help me (and the world) understand that? Something like, "Your business, automated." Or, "Automate your business". etc. I like the business/entrepreneur focus - I haven't seen this messaging over at Zapier/IFTTT, and niching down will help your growth/help you resonate with the right people (it's likely only such people are using this anyway, you guys are just going to own that audience). 3. I'd revise the call to action on home page. - Also, the value is not strong enough to "Sign up now". I'd suggest "Learn more" and scroll down. eg. I'm getting proposed to on the first date. Convince me! 4. Would be curious to learn more about exactly who you're targeting. eg. what type of entrepreneurs? 5. What's the story behind the name?
@mgallizzi Foreword: I have no stake in For me the main value is to have all bills collected and dropped into a folder on my Dropbox - for accounting it's saving me a lot of time. Second, being able to have dashboards showing evolution of spending on each service is what makes it interesting for me.
@rdardour That's even more niche! If it was financial automation for entrepreneurs... that's great. Thank you for chiming in!
@rdardour Spot on Romain, the collection of all bills in one place and the visualisation of my spending habits (imagine how helpful this would be for Heroku) is definitely intriguing.
@mgallizzi Thank you for this great feedback. Let me just give some insights about : 1. We believe IFTTT & Zapier are mostly Consumer oriented or for the Tech-savvy. is designed for small businesses, every entrepreneur in the world. Simple automations means complex integrations. We try and make things simple as 1-2-3. 2. Love the idea. We are A/B testing that in the couple of weeks. Indeed, "Your Business, Automated." is really our main goal. Focus on your Core Business, We'll take care of repetitive tasks between your Online Apps. 3. Was not able to see the link. :( But we are working on this too. Hope the seduction magic will work! ;) 4. We are targeting small businesses, but especially software publishers, Apps developers, online merchants. 5. We were passing by a Sushi restaurant when one of our advisor and investor suggested the domain (he used to own) for our app. We loved it as we love sushi. ;) Sush = Simple + Push, Fast, simple, straightforward. I/O = Input from App A ••• Output to App B
@jamesepember We do have Heroku spending metrics today. ;) Please let me know if you need any help.
I agree with @mgallizzi : it's unclear how it differs to Zapier. It seems maybe they're differentiating by focusing on a granular finance niche?
@_jacksmith I didn't even catch on to that, but upon second glance, I can start to see that. I think there is value in that for sure, I hope they articulate that better if that's their play.
@mgallizzi I just signed up and started playing around. they don't really mention it on their homepage, but it really is about finance related tasks. Like consolidating all your bills from your different services etc. it actually looks like it could be very useful for any larger startup
@_jacksmith Appreciate you sharing your feedback Jack! Yeah, I really love the direction. Direct tie to financial automation is very relevant. Great stuff here! Hope they get their messaging sorted because I definitely see the value here.
@mgallizzi Thanks a lot. Message will definitely be changing over next few weeks. Tasks are mostly finance & sales related indeed.
I've been paying attention to these guys for a while and I'm curious to try out the new version now that they seem to have a solid direction despite the messaging on the marketing site.