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Hi hunters! I'm Ramon Escobar, Co founder at Survmetrics. I'll gladly answer any questions or comments you have.
@Rmnescobar we've seen so many polling/survey products over the years. What's the ONE thing (yes, you have to choose just one) that makes Survmetrics better than alternative? :)
Hi @rrhoover I would say that it's our user experience, not just in the surveys themselves but in the whole application. This results in a higher response rate from the end user, and with it comes more data that can be exploited with our wide array of analytic tools.
@Rmnescobar what's the business potential here? how big is the survey market? how are you guys doing so far?
Hi @eriktorenberg, It's a 3B market in the U.S. alone, which is where we are starting out, but won't limit ourselves to. We're already seeing great opportunities in other markets and we have customers in Europe and Latinamerica. As to how we're doing, we have 1400+ beta users from a little more than 40 countries, resulting in a 20% monthly user base growth. Our business model is simple: Pay as you go - 10 cents per answered survey.