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Surveyval gives SaaS businesses the actionable insights they need to find their best customers and create a better product.

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Hi Hunters! πŸ‘‹ I'm Manuel, the founder of Surveyval. Surveyval comes from my 7+ years experience running companies and doing customer development. I noticed that lots of companies don't do any customer development, whether because they don't know how to do it or don't know how to use the results. Unfortunately that means that they often end up building features nobody wants and wasting lots of money targeting the wrong people. In a context where 9 startups out of 10 fail, I felt like we could do better. Then I read this article by @rahulvohra where he explains how they were able to achieve product/market fit in a few months by asking the right questions and analysing the results correctly. It was great to see how they had managed to turn something so complicated into something so simple. However, I felt that that didn't really help the average online businesses achieve the same results. This is where Surveyval comes into play. Surveyval is a customer development tool that gives companies the actionable insights they need to find their best customers and create a better product. πŸ›  How it works You sign up and create a survey with one click. The survey has been designed by us to collect the most useful information. Then you share the survey link with your users and that's it. Surveyval removes all the guesswork and automatically generates easy-to-understand reports with actionable insights that you can use immediately. πŸ” What type of insights do I get with Surveyval? Surveyval's reports contain dozens of insights, but the most important are: - which segments love your product the most - who are your best customers - why they love your product - which features make your users upgrade - what you should build next You can also see the a demo report here. What is the difference between Surveyval and Typeform/Google Forms/etc? When you use services like Typeform or Google Forms you're supposed to know how to create a survey and interpret the results. Surveyval removes all the guesswork by creating industry-standard customer development surveys and automatically extracting insights from the responses. What's the matter with the name? The name comes from a conversation between Me and a friend in which we both agreed that companies that don't know their customers die. (Hence the name Surveyval, a mashup of the words "Survival" and "Survey". I know, it's a bad joke πŸ˜…). Go and take a look by yourself: and vote if you like it. 🎁 I've also prepared some special gifts as a Thank you! Special Gift #1: We are offering a limited Lifetime deal for just $39. It's valid for today only 😱 Special Gift #2: We are running a giveaway where we'll extract 5 random people and give them a Free Lifetime Pro account. You can enter the giveaway by simply clicking on the bottom right corner button.

I used SurveyVal to decide where we should take next and we got hundreds of actionable responses from customers within days. Highly recommended.


Super-easy setup Industry-standard surveys that give you actionable insights Powerful segmentation feature


It would be cool to have more standard surveys to choose from or to be able to create custom surveys

Have been using this in beta and it's incredibly valuable. I was a little skeptic and leaned toward just asking our users some custom questions, but having a thought-out dashboard that gives you real insights about how users engage with your apps/service makes a huge difference. Thanks Manuel for this awesome tool πŸ™


Great insights on how users engage with your app Clean, easy to read dashboard Helps finding out your product strengths/weaknesses


Nothing in particular

This looks Banging! Well done Manuel! I was about to ask about prizes... but i see the corker of a giveaway! Back in my hole I go. Well done!
@hunterdoug ahah thanks buddy, let me know if you want to use it for one of your clients
@mnlfrgr I will see where there is a good fit, might be a really nice idea to trial (and give you a wee use-case if we can!) As you are likely aware, I owe a big message to your side - expect that soon. Hope you are well!