Survey Chimpanzee

The easiest way to make survey chatbots

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Survey Chimpanzee is an easy way for people to create surveys presented as chatbots. This should increase the fill-rates for mundane surveys.

  • Madhavan
    MadhavanCEO @

    Easy to get started, no registration required


    Lacks question types

    Very easy to make forms that get presented in the form of a chatbot

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Lucas@pluslucas_ · Aspiring UI/UX designer
The name sounds rather familiar 🤔
MadhavanHunter@madhavanmalolan · CEO @
@pluslucas_ But a little more human ;)
Nash Gunjal
Nash Gunjal@nashgunjal · Serial Entrepreneur, working on SoJo
Looks really awesome. Website dont have much info yet like pricing or signup..How does it work ?
Lorin Ahmed
Lorin Ahmed@lorin_ahmed · Software Developer
@nashgunjal You don't need to sign up or pay. Click on "Create a Survey" and start creating. You can also check the demo chatbot and demo chatbot creation from the landing page.