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Preet@preetnation · BlueLight, also enjoy QS and Parkour
We're a happy customer of Survata and have used them on multiple occasions. Great customer service, great feedback, and an awesome analytics package to really analyze results. Giving their new clickmap feature a whirl here shortly Any startup would do very well to spend $500 on survata to just validate some really basic assumptions
Charles Hudson
Charles Hudson@chudson · Managing Partner, Precursor Ventures
I'm an investor in the company and find it a really useful, fast way to get consumer feedback on product launches, market research, and pricing decisions.
Chris Kelly
Chris KellyMakerHiring@chriskelly · Founder, Survata
Thanks @chudson. We work with lots of investors (from VC to PE and hedge funds) who quickly need proprietary data about an investment opportunity - e.g., gauging the market size, measuring consumer perception of the company, testing the company's value prop, etc. Happy to hear suggestions from any other investors on Product Hunt.