Survais 2.0

Non intrusive micro-surveys

#3 Product of the DayMay 13, 2019
Survais is a survey widget for your website. Embed things like YouTube, Spotify, Twitch, Twitter; as well as collect emails, feedback, and provide info & CTAs πŸ˜ƒ
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Hey @shanehoban - any thoughts of making this product whitelabel?
@itai_neter Hi Itai. I had thought about that but ultimately, for now at least, it's not the direction I want to take Survais. I wouldn't rule anything out of course. A remove branding option might be enough though, which is also a potential future feature.
@shanehoban I see. Thanks for the update
Hey PH, Back in late 2016, I ran an information site for students who were studying and intending to do a medical school entrance exam (called the GAMSAT). I had recently done the exam and was a med student myself at the time. I set up this information site because I had a lot of content to share in order to help others get through the exam too. Anyway, I had a couple hundred readers per month through organic growth; which was cool! However, I had literally no spare time on my hands as you may imagine to write up content. I wanted a quick way to ask the readers what I should spend my time focusing on when creating content for the site. This lead me to whip up an MVP of Survais (looked a lot different back then) over a weekend. Survais has since seen 2 complete rewrites and I feel I finally have it in a good place, with a great roadmap ahead to consider sharing it to a wider community. I'm very excited about growing Survais going forward. I'd be delighted if any of you check it out, and feel free to reach out with any questions. In return I'd be delighted to set you up with extended trials (fully featured) of course if you want to test Survais out. I can also add beta features to your account which is kinda cool I guess πŸ˜„ - currently working on incorporating analytics into Survais which will be very high level but included in all tiers. Rambling over, thanks for checking Survais out! Reach me at anytime. Shane P.S. It is actually kind of an ironic story developing Survais... As I got so into developing it, I have since left my original information site stagnate!
Whats new in this update?
@aaronoleary Hey Aaron, first off, thanks for sorting out this listing! So since the first time I entered Survais on PH, a lot has changed. We have completely redeveloped Survais from the ground up (new UI framework too). This means it is much easier for us to extend and add new functionality. The original Survais had just a simple poll (1 question, 1 slides, up to 5 answers). So basically the whole service is new when compared to the old Survai post. To name a few things that have been added since the original post: - Multiple slides (up to 10 now per Survai) - Email capturing slides - Feedback capturing slides - CTA slides - Information slides - Social slides (you can embed YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Spotify, and Soundcloud) into the slide - Completely new theming options - Option to force hide the Survai on mobile (even more SEO friendly) - Option to show the Survai, even after the user has completed it (this is useful if you are showing a Social slide only for example) - wouldn't recommend using this if just using the Standard MCQ style slide So basically everything is new! We update our Blog each month with the changes we've made, and we are currently working on a light analytics integration that shows very high level stats. Delighted to answer any more questions you guys have!
Great job!!😊 Will definitely try it out. Do you guys have any plans on launching plug-in for the WordPress
@ayush_chandra Hey Ayush, Yep that is definitely on our to:do list. We did have a previous WP plugin that worked but we have yet to update it to work with the new and improved Survais. Twitter might be the best place to follow for updates on this :) Cheers!
Awesome @shanehoban ! You've done great work!
@eulerr Thanks Denis, means more than you know!