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Thank you @kikischirr for hunting SurprzeMe – where every picture on our app is a Surprise! My name is Felix and I’m the cofounder of SurprzeMe. I’d like to share a little bit on our app below as our team is very excited to show you what we’ve been working on over the last previous months: SurprzeMe allows you to share two photos at once, with a bit of a twist. When users send a post, only the first photo remains visible in the feed. That is, until the magic touch reveals the second photo hidden underneath. Users can decorate their pictures with text, stickers, memes and more, and can also add sound effects or song clips to their photos. You can also send your hidden pictures publicly or through the private chat. So, use your imagination to make that hidden photo a surprising one! We would love to hear your thoughts on our app, and we’re excited to answer your questions too! You can download SurprzeMe for free on iOS and Android: iOS - Android - Have an awesome day all!
This new messaging app allows the user to surprise every time with an image-behind-an-image, only revealed by touch. It was in AdWeek yesterday:
Can I ask what the motivation was behind building this? What is the hook to get people to want to post stuff? Seems that a lot of apps our there atm are doing slight variations of Snapchat. And now I can essentially chat with friends in Snapchat and send photos that disappear - just not sure I understand the draw here, but it may be that I am not the right demographic 😝 Messaging is huge and there are huge players out there already. I feel that to stand out, other messaging platforms new to the game will need to do something noticeable to stand out
@bentossell Hi Ben, thanks for your question! We wanted to make sending photos more exciting by bringing the element of surprise for something that you do everyday. So, on SurprzeMe, when you send or receive a new post from a friend, there's actually 2 pictures for each post and this is a great way to use the first picture as a teaser or primer that sets things up nicely for the secret picture hidden underneath. This is a great way to share posts involving before&after pictures, polls asking for opinions, making awesome jokes by having the secret picture as the punchline, and creating any posts that you can think of where the hidden gem of that secret picture is something that is totally unexpected!
@felixc6623 yeah I just dont understand the element of a secret picture behind one already.... When I see that I have a snap message, I dont know what the image is initially then only see it for max 10 seconds... thats a surprise
@bentossell Great to hear your feedback again, Ben! The 2 pictures in each post work together to bring a totally different experience as oppose to receiving a post or message where it only contain a single image as the secret picture. For example, there's an example on SurprzeMe where the first picture is a door, which automatically creates intrique and makes the user want to discover what's behind that door. The secret image behind that door can be anything, such as something welcoming as your dog eager to see your again, or you can easily add a twist by having a picture of something scary pop out at you when you hold down on the first picture. This is an experience that cannot be duplicated by having a single image appear in a message/post. The intrigue and unexpectedness of that hidden photo is the surprise created from the teaser of the first photo on SurprzeMe.
@felixc6623 fair enough... Im likely not the right demo for this ha (probably why I dont 'get it')
@bentossell SurprzeMe is for all ages (12+ of course), you're always welcomed, Ben! :)
I like the idea here. I definitely think the element of surprise is a great tool to use, especially on mobile devices where you can create more personal experience. Similar concept to Apple's live photos. The main sticking point with something like this is that it's another social network, so requires a massive buy in to provide value. I'd be intrigued to see if there are other ways this concept could work that wouldn't require such a radical buy in from your users. Like a secret chrome extension that acts as an add on to websites, or something along those lines. Just throwing my initial thoughts out there! Congrats on the launch :)
@fredrivett Hi Fred, thank you very much for your thoughts and for your congratulations on the launch, much appreciated! We are always open to learning new ways to make things better, especially when it comes to creating the most enjoyable experience for the users on our app - that's certainly our top priority. We'll definitely keep an open and focused mindset as we move forward. Excellent ideas and thanks Fred!
Reminds me of an app called GoPop that didn't get much traction but the team was acquired by Buzzfeed.
@joshbarkin I chatted to the top guy who runs this app team for BuzzFeed. I'll be sure to give him a heads up on SurprzeMe . It's always handy to find out this market intelligence. Thanks 👍
@joshbarkin Hi Josh, thanks for your comment. There are some key differences between our app and GoPop. The first one was the complexity that GoPop offered in providing several options (photo, gif, or short video) when creating a post. This can be overwhelming to new users especially at the start when they need time to figure out how to connect and pair these options together. The combination of photo/photo, photo/gif, photo/short video, gif/photo, gif/short video, short video/photo, short video/ gif can be very challenging and overwhelming to grasp at the very beginning when learning how to create a post. By contrast, we wanted to make things as simple as possible for the creation process, yet still keep the element of surprise in our app by letting our users become familiar with how to connect just one photo with another photo. The second thing is that our branding is different than GoPop, in that our focus is to enable our users to create posts where the element of surprise is top of mind. So, the focus becomes largely on how the hidden photo can can a twist to it to reveal a totally unexpected image or a totally inspiring one. Also, we wanted to allow our users a deeper level of expressing their surprising posts by letting our users add mood music and cool sound effects to enhance the revealing on the hidden photo. We certainly have respect for GoPop and the team behind it, however, SurprzeMe is unique on its own with plans to further progress and evolve!
@paul_s_kemp @joshbarkin Thanks Paul! Market intelligence is always helpful!