Advanced web debugging proxy for Mac & iOS

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Cool! Any plans to add in more transmuting functionality, a la Burp?
YeJun Su
YeJun Su@deleted-44665
Surge and Surge for iOS are best deals I've made for networking facilities, thanks to the author.
Ruben Martinez Jr.
Ruben Martinez Jr.@rubencodes · Engineering & Design at WELL Health Inc.
This looks neat! Recommended to our iOS dev. Would be cool to see network throttling capabilities though, a la Chrome Dev Tools.
Rafif Yalda
Rafif Yalda@deleted-237982 · Creator of Flume
Following. I use breakpoints and request rewriting in Charles a bit, but I would like to use a lightweight native app too.
Steven Shi
Steven Shi@stevenshii
My praise to Liu. Surge Mac and Surge for iOS are all easy to use.