Surfy Nomads

The worldwide surfer to surfer board rental

Surfy Nomads is a platform to rent surfboards worldwide and a way to earn extra money by renting out your unused surfboards.

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Rich Peterson
System & Process Consultant πŸš€
Congratulations on the launch! What was the reason behind the decision to have fixed-price, single currency rentals?
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Giulio Andreini
UX designer, web designer, project manag
hi @richp_ here are some reasons behind that: 1. We see on some competitors websites that owners tend to request high daily fees when they are free to set that. 2. We want to give the possibility to rent boards for longer surf trips and so the daily fee can't be too high. For that reason we have a discounted fee after two weeks of rental. Shorter rentals are generally aimed at beginners surfers while longer periods are designed for more experienced surfers. 3. We ran a survey before launching the project and we asked what would be the optimal price for (1) one day (2) one week and (3) one month. We then designed the fees (based in Euros) on the responses we received. That said we know that there are many nuances to keep in consideration (type of board, country) but we prefer to start simple. Any feedback and opinion on that is more than welcome :)
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