Simple, Fast, and Secure Co-browsing

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 14, 2017

Work jointly with the help of the reliable platform Surfly. If you have to collaborate with your colleagues on a mutual project, you can share your screen, video chat, share files and a lot more. And you can be sure everything is securely encrypted for your and your files safety.




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Jijo SunnyPro@jijosunny · Maker @💰&🕵
Simple and seamless. Good job!
Paul Prins@paulprins · Founder - Fresh Vine
Great idea, but it failed to work in a test (the second users browser never navigated to another url by clicking, or by using there new page url button). Great idea though.
Nicholas PiëlMaker@nichol4s · CEO, Surfly
@paulprins I just tried to reproduce what you described and it seems to work fine for me on, did you try it there? If so, what browser combination are you using?
Paul Prins@paulprins · Founder - Fresh Vine
@nichol4s We were both using Chrome on mac (macOS and chrome around 55.0.2883.95 (64-bit)), and we started on Youtube. I clicked a video and my page updated but theirs did not. I then use the button in your UI to load a new page thinking that might reset it somehow. I think I might have loaded at that point but it didn't update theirs either.
Kieran Daniels@kieran_daniels · CEO,
Great idea... Is there any chance this works with a webapp like -- it would be a total game changer if so - for demoing softwares - thanks! (would love an email response to kieran[at] thanks so much!!!)
Nicholas PiëlMaker@nichol4s · CEO, Surfly
@kieran_daniels absolutely! It can be integrated straight on your website where you can actually demo your application from within the app itself.
Michal Subel@michal_subel · Building digital products
What do you know. I first came across Surfly at Tech Crunch Disrupt event in 2013. I'm glad to see they are still at it and growing.
Nicholas PiëlMaker@nichol4s · CEO, Surfly
@michal_subel nice to see you again! :)
Ruslan Prytula@rsqw · Software Engineer
Nice idea! The only thing that bothers me is my privacy :( Is there a possibility that someone steals my session? Or surfly is more for websites where one doesn't need to make a sign in.
Nicholas PiëlMaker@nichol4s · CEO, Surfly
@rsqw good question. No it can't be used to steal your session. Your session cookies will never be shared with followers.
Ruslan Prytula@rsqw · Software Engineer
@nichol4s I see, good stuff. Thanks for answer!