Surface Book

The ultimate laptop by Microsoft

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The coolest thing for me here is the hinge. I don't usually get excited by Windows hardware these days, but this seems very well executed... its enough to make me want to try one after converting to OSX several years ago.
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@johannbenedikt Agree, the hinge and detachable screen paired with some specs that can finally live up to the proposed use-cases is nice. I also agree with comments that the bottom looks unnecessarily like a Macbook. I wish they could've extended the more unique design aesthetic, that comes out in both the hinge and the side screen venting, to the keyboard section. They finally have a surface laptop for when a Surface isn't powerful enough.
Microsoft introduced today its first laptop Surface Book, runs full Windows 10 Pro. The Surface Book includes a 13.5-inch display with silver metal body. I had great experience using Surface Pro 3 with windows 10. Looking forward to buy it :)
The bottom shell looks like a blatant ripoff of the macbook
@josephstein ya saw that too!
@josephstein Apple has stolen just as blatantly from MSFT before. Ipad Pro has a revolutionary new detachable keyboard!!!! Oh wait....
I'm just happy that these will make Homeland seem more realistic.