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Looking for a perfect surf job by the ocean or seeking the best employee for your surf business? is a surf job board made for professionals and volunteers who want to work by the ocean for surf related businesses like surf camps, surf hostels, bars, shops etc.

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Mislav Petanjek
Mislav PetanjekMaker@mpetanjek · Kohola Surf co-founder
👋 Hey PH people! 🌊 As a surf camp founder, one of my problems during the last couple of seasons was how to find and hire people who would be the best fit for our team. At the same time we were constantly receiving cold emails for volunteering positions and all possible kinds of help in our surf camp. Of course, positions, skills and timing rarely matched and I realised that there could be some interest to solve a problem both for job seekers and surf business owners. 🤔 Since there was no central online place to find a surf related job by the ocean like professional full time positions or just a volunteer help during the summer filled with surfing, I decided to build this strictly surf related job board. It should be the starting point where candidates can find their perfect job by the ocean and at the same time surf related businesses like surf camps/hostels/shops/bars and similar could find new employees or volunteers. 🛠 First step is to create a main place for surf related job listings and connect job seekers with employers. If you are a job seeker in this niche, you can browse jobs by locations, categories and filters, bookmark your desired jobs/employers, setup email alerts, or you can join our curated surf job newsletter. Next planned step is to add candidate reviews and testimonials to help employers decide which candidate is the best fit for their teams. 🙏 I can’t wait to hear your opinion, questions or feature requests…Any feedback will be very useful and appreciated. If you have surfer friends, please share with them, it would be nice to hear their thoughts 🙌 Btw. was made without coding experience, I just decided to try to make something useful as @levelsio suggested DIY approach in his book which I’ve read just recently 😉
Luke Monterosso
Luke Monterosso@luke_monterosso
Hey Mislav, I thought this was pretty cool so I've shared it with my old university surf club. Messaging a few others might be a good place to start to get it out there. The design is great and it does what it says on the tin. Best of luck with your project. Luke
Mislav Petanjek
Mislav PetanjekMaker@mpetanjek · Kohola Surf co-founder
@luke_monterosso Hey Luke, thank you for feedback and for sharing it with your surf club. I am so glad to hear that you like it, thanks a lot man! 🙏
Matvey Kondakov
Matvey Kondakov@tappsk · Founder at Tappsk
Сoo! I think that this will help some people to fulfill their dream
Simon Miller
Simon Miller@simon_miller1 · its me and only me
@tappsk I also think that it'll be useful to many young people. When I was a student I earned on bets using to go to the ocean. Now it'll be easier.
Mislav Petanjek
Mislav PetanjekMaker@mpetanjek · Kohola Surf co-founder
@tappsk Yes, hopefully it will...Thanks!