Make new friends through real-time video chat

Surf is a fun way to video chat with a diverse set of people all across the United States to exchange thoughts and ideas while creating new memories together. Unlike other random video chat applications, Surf’s goal is to turn your random video chat into a good friend.

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Pretty interesting approach @alexgershon and @sung_h_kim! I'm curious to know how hard it was getting random people to initially try it out and how you achieved that?
@amrith thank you! As with any application that requires real time conversation between two individuals, getting that initial critical mass to make it successful is always quite difficult. That being said, we've taken a multi-pronged approach to marketing to make sure we hit this critical mass. This involves not just running FB ads and hoping and praying we get noticed, we are also leveraging various Ad Tech vendors such as Tapjoy, Vungle, and Glispa. On top of this, what I think is working best is that we've developed a college ambassador program targeting the largest schools in the United States. This allows us to take a much more targeted and personal approach to Surf. While we started this program only a few weeks ago, we're receiving excellent feedback and have high hopes for the future!

I am looking forward to using it again later when it successfully brings users to the app. For now, the app feels like a MVP as it is really simple, but it would be better if it has more features that can help people engage more and interact more.


Simple UI that anyone can understand.

Stable connection with matched users.

Fun when you meet the right type of person.


Not enough user at the moment.

It takes time and patience to meet girls without coins.

this interesting, how many users are there? Do you have users in Europe? How does that work with follower or chat rooms?
@edwardvasquezdr We actually just launched this week so our user base isn't there just yet but early numbers give us hundreds of DAUs a day. But, what is important here isn't the DAU as much as the ACU (avg. concurrent users). We are running regional marketing campaigns to make sure people in the same time zone are on at the same time. As for European users, we are not currently looking to expand outside of America but once we’ve conquered the States, Europe is next :) Regarding your third question, the chat rooms are only one person to one person. We currently do not support multi-party chat. For followers, you can "friend" someone to talk with them later which is our version of having followers.
@alexgershon thx for your answer :)
Chat roulette redux?
@chrismessina haha along the same lines regarding the random aspect; however, we've leveraged machine learning and a far more robust CS team to avoid all the nip slips and dick pics.
@alexgershon I really hope that removing that filter via IAP is not how you plan to monetize 😂
@chrismessina damn you’re onto us! Don’t want to see random naked people? Pay us! It’s the best business mode ever :p