Bot that curates the most Instagrammed food & drink spots 👌

#2 Product of the DayMarch 30, 2017

Bot that curates the most Instagrammed food & drink spots 👌

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Juraj PalMaker@jurajpal · Co-Founder & CEO at Sure
Thanks for the hunt @chrismessina ❤️ And hey Hunters 👋 We’re really excited to be sharing Sure with you today. Sure is a Facebook Messenger chatbot for the most Instagrammed food & drink spots near you. It was born from our frustration with the current restaurant discovery apps and we hoped to build a better product for our generation living in the age of info overload. For many, decision making has become a legitimate pain. With so much to choose from, every choice feels like a sacrifice and the #fomo is real 🙀 When it comes to choosing a place to go, most people ask their friends or influencers who they can relate to. By being on a platform like Messenger where our users naturally chat with their friends, we hope to blur the lines between tech algorithms and word of mouth recommendations. Today, we’re introducing Sure to 22 cities 🌎 including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Austin, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, London, Copenhagen, Berlin, Rome, Paris, Vienna, Barcelona, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Prague, Bratislava, Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong. You can read more about what took us so long and what’s next for Sure here: We’re still learning so we would love to hear all your feedback. Will be here answering all your questions today 💬 Juraj, Alex and Seb
Dmitry Dumik@ddumik · CEO at
@jurajpal super cool, congrats on the launch! 🙌
Juraj PalMaker@jurajpal · Co-Founder & CEO at Sure
@ddumik thanks, means a lot 💪
Dennis YangHiring@sinned · Co-Founder,
@jurajpal Awesome! Instagram is such a great source of signal for what people actually love. Congrats on a fantastic launch!
Kevin Lou@kevinbryantlou · Founder, Anytable 🍜
@jurajpal already loving the simplicity of this! Might be the perfect use case for messenger
Jevin Sew@jevinsew · Rails / iOS developer
@jurajpal Love the idea! Kudos for making it an invisible app!
James Campbell@jcampbell_05 · Founder,
It will be great to find places based on social cues rather :) than weak indicators like ratings.
Juraj PalMaker@jurajpal · Co-Founder & CEO at Sure
@jcampbell_05 thanks James 🤗 That's exactly what motivated us and we hope to get even better at this!
Daniel Verten@danielverten · Growth
Amazing idea guys, just tried it for breakfast in Copenhagen, great recommendations! Love that I don't have to make decisions in the early morning. @jurajpal, are you guys planning to expand into travel recommendations?
Juraj PalMaker@jurajpal · Co-Founder & CEO at Sure
@danielverten 👋 and thank you for trying it out! I think travel recommendation make a lot of sense with personalised and curated itineraries, transacting within the messaging app, etc. Definitely something we want to explore 🌎
Sebastian KrumhausenMaker@krumhausen · Product manager and strategist @surebot
@danielverten @jurajpal Good idea! Which kind of travel recommendations would you like to see?
Sillas Victor@sillaspoulsen · GIF Lover and Product Guy
Really cool concept! I love the idea that it's popular places from instagram, that is usually where I find the best recommendations.
Alexandra NeczliovaMaker@alexneczli · Co-Founder at Sure
@sillaspoulsen Thank you! We are a little Instagram-obsessed ourselves 😅 📷
Stefano Zorzi@stefanozorzi · partner, Founders
Food recommendation is hard, but it seems you have a fair shot at it. One of the most important things is managing consistency and serendipity. What's your take on how to introduce new places to users, so that they also discover the "unexpected" and not only what they know they would like? Congrats for launch!
Juraj PalMaker@jurajpal · Co-Founder & CEO at Sure
@stefanozorzi you're so right! While we almost want our users to stop "browsing", we need to be careful so we don't kill the thrill of discovery that we naturally have when it comes to food and travel. I believe, one way to keep this "surprise" element in, is to use the data we have about the user and the smart backend to introduce new but personalised recommendations.
Sebastian KrumhausenMaker@krumhausen · Product manager and strategist @surebot
@stefanozorzi We're working on a way to notify our users of new and cool places. Also, you're right personalisation can be limiting (echo chamber)