Cash money Instagram & TikTok video contests

On Supremo anyone can post and vote on Instagram/TikTok videos- the video with the most votes by the deadline wins cash. You don't even have to be the owner of the video, all submissions are made by posting the video embed code. All that matters is the votes.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
This product is a spinout of contest features I experimented with in ZEN, a short-form video sharing app.

The creators of supremo really listen to their community and make it such a fun experience! Unlike the other popular apps, Supremo focuses on a community that usually gets the cold shoulder which is the editing community. I am eternally grateful for the creation of this website!


I love the community and how nice the creators are!


The only issue that can be seen is while on the desktop version and its layout, while on your phone it works like a charm!

Thanks for the comment! I'd love to understand any issues you're having with the desktop version. Can you please email me at to discuss?
@frank_erik_banks is a bulldozer. Excited to see where he takes this!
@djx Thanks man! I think your maker cred warrants the same description :)