Umbrella that opens upside down and has nano coating ☂️

#1 Product of the DayNovember 08, 2016

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My regular umbrella does this all the time, especially when it's windy!
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Any innovative feature in this umbrella ? You can get this on Aliexpress for 10$, with free worldwide shipping. There are 100's of suppliers selling this Reverse umbrella. Here is an example link
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The best part is, you haven't even changed the handle's design.
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I don't know how product copied from from existing design goes viral. I have posted a very unique product today, but it doesn't get attention. sad.
@blrbalam Thanks, might just order one !
@blrbalam I'm living in China and I bought it on taobao for 5$. Even the branding is better here.
@rotemthegolfer So...5 minutes into using Guggy and I'm loving it. I have so many questions. It's so fast! Really, really solid product.
@bretttheintern thank you it's great to hear. Feel free to contact me at and ask any questions you have ☺
Why the need to show users of ordinary umbrellas as dumb people? This makes me dislike your product because I immediately associate it with those dumb products we had for sell on TV in the 90's
@tiagocesar true that. It offends the audience that you think we wouldnt notice how fake it is.
Two questions: 1) how to avoid the water no inside this umbrella because it closed downside up. 2) can you show us how many km/hour wind resistance is double strong? Thanks.
@stevesun21 Yea seems like you'd have a full glass of water sitting at the bottom of the cone. Can't see why you couldn't just angle it down and dump it out on the ground.
@kristofertm if I use a regular umbrella in the case as the GIF shows, I don't need to hold car door and to dump the water.