Scale your startup with outsourced customer support.

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SupportYourApp is a multilingual customer support team (English, Spanish, French & German). It help start ups and even large companies grow by taking care of all customer questions & tech issues. Provides 24/7 outsourced phone/email support and helps with services including inbound, outbound, back-office, & social media support. SupportYourApp can customise a plan to help you retain your already existing content customer base. They handle the recruitment, training, & management of your support team (so you don't have to). In addition to the management of your support team, SupportYourApp also provides your company with a CRM system that keeps you up-to-date with customer feedback. They have customized plans based on clients' specific needs. You don't pay per support agent, but one fixed price for the whole team.
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@kwdinc Thanks for the hunt Kevin! I'm Jack, the marketing guy for SupportYourApp. To keep it short & sweet - we do 24/7 phone & email support for growing startups and SaaS developers! Our team answers all kind of customer questions: technical, pre-sales, post-sales, general info in various languages. Some big dogs that use outsourced customer support include AirBNB, Uber, Microsoft. If you guys have any questions or feedback about us - let me know :)
We’re one of SupportYourApp’s clients and if anyone here is familiar with our Mac/Win app – WALTR and if you contacted our support team – you got an answer from these guys :) Best part about this is 24 hour support! allowing our devs to have the time they deserve for resting and our customers still get answers to their questions. Keep it up!!!
@quser Yeah! When speaking to all of our other clients, the fact that we have 24/7 service was always one of the deciding factors in working with us :) The more time & energy we can save for the devs - the better!
Awesome idea and well executed! good to see these guys on PH. I personally answer many customer requests for our product myself, so I know how important it is to provide an answer in time… it really improves customer’s loyalty. btw, I remember there was also a similar competing product like this one, called TaskUs. @_jacksmith you hunted it, I’m wondering what do you think of SupportYourApp? ;)
@joshsoftorino Thanks Josh! You're right, one of the biggest things customers HATE about customer support - is having to wait so long for a reply. Kinda like sitting in line for two hours at the DMV. With quick replies, we aim to prevent any negative experiences :-)
Hi everyone! Ann here :) Glad SupportYourApp is hunted. Have been with the company for 3 years, right now I'm a COO, and am thrilled to answer your questions about any process. Sales questions go to Daria, CEO @SupportYourApp
These guys help our @petcube stay at it's best in support. Give them a try!
@sbaranskyi thanks for being with @SupportYourApp!
@sbaranskyi Great product + great customer support = success : )