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Hey @milanstosic can you let us know what the big updates have been since being featured a year ago?
@bentossell it wasn't actually launched a year ago. so the big update is now that it's actually launched!
Hi @bentossell. Thanks for interesting in SupportYard. Anyway, @_jacksmith is right - we were launched a year ago, but a week ago we launched again :) Reason for that is that we joined forces with a team behind ActiveCollab in January ( and since then we were in beta (again) because we had some "infrastructural" and strategic work to do. Last week we finished did the migration to the new infrastructure, updated SupportYard and now we're officially launched. You can take a look at what's new here -, but in short: - we migrated to a new infrastructure (robust, more stable, more secure) - we migrated to a new login system (we and ActiveCollab use the same login so if someone has an AC account he/she can access his/hers SY account with the same login credentials) - we improved UI/UX for some existing features (and we're still working on improvements) - we added some new features (saving search presets, canned responses, agent collision prevention, better contacts, etc.) - we introduced a free plan for up to 5 users (agents) - on mentioned "what's new" page you can see what new features we have on our roadmap for the next few months I hope this answers your question and if you have any other question please let me know!
@milanstosic @bentossell Great thanks for the information! Helps get a better understanding for sure πŸ˜€
@bentossell My idea was to "refresh" social profiles as soon as we launch, but the past week was very "turbulent" and I didn't have time for this. Thanks for asking and I'll add some new images/information in the near future. Cheers!
Seems similar to Frontapp. Would try it out as well
@haseeb Hi Haseeb, you can signup for a 30 day free trial here - :) P.S. Sorry for late response but I didn't receive email notification from PH about new comments :(
Hey! Any differentiating factors from the other startups and big players in the space that PH should be aware of?
@tommoor Hello Tom, at the moment we don't look so much different from other solutions because we're still young as a product, but we have plans to add some features that should distinct us from the others. Our biggest advantage (ATM) might be a free plan for up to 5 users, easy-to-use and nicely looking design, including a few features that will make your work much easier (clean conversation history, predefined searches, canned responses, etc.). We're aware that in the crowded and mature markets you can't easily be so different, but we'll give our best to provide stable and useful product with good support when our customers need it. P.S. Sorry for the late reply but I have some problems with PH notifications and don't receive them when new comment is added.
Guys how does this tool actually work? Do I have to import my emails? How does the system know a support email arrived? I did not understand the product. Please explain to me.