Support Gear Store by Boostopia

Celebrating customer support agents + managers

The Boostopia Support Store is a line of graphic tees, wall art, and accessories for customer support agents and managers to help them celebrate the work they do every day.


  • Miguel Perez
    Miguel PerezSoftware developer

    - Clean design

    - Well though messages

    - Easy to give to support staff.



    TBH this way of showing support and thanks to a very important team inside any company is something that never crossed my mind. This way feels great because it also reassures the importance of their job among their peers. Their effort sometimes tends to be taken for granted.

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  • Lizzy Hazeltine
    Lizzy Hazeltinetime saving tech @ Shoeboxed

    this ecomm outlet helps companies do a meaningful, seemingly little thing for their support teams



    Customer success/support soaks up a lot of heartache for growing companies, and showing these teammates a little extra love seems like a smart idea to keep culture grounded in common goals. I like how these shirts boost the "us vs. the galaxy" mentality.

    Lizzy Hazeltine has used this product for one day.


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Justin WinterMaker@jcwinter · Co-founder & CEO, Boostopia
Hey everyone, here is some background for you. Our Support Operations Saas products are our bread and butter, but we took this on to compliment what we were doing. A big part of our vision is seeing customer support managers feel empowered not only personally, but within the context of the rest of their company. Looking at doing the typical startup 'brand swag' to give out some awesome gear to our customers like... Allbirds, Peter Millar, Man Crates, Taylor Stitch, and Untappd... We thought about how we could make it seamless to distribute awesome free stuff. One thing led to another, and we realized that creating an entire ecommerce site, where we can just hand out coupon codes to our customers, would be the easiest way to go. And if we are making awesome shirts and other gear that people in customer support agent and support manager roles would actually want to pay for, why don't we just keep things public and make things look pretty? ;-) So our Support Gear Store was born. Would love any feedback, ideas, recommendations for us as this is certainly a work in progress!
Yaw Owusu-Barimah
Yaw Owusu-Barimah@yawza · Co Founder @
Beautiful looking store and products!
Melanie Fisher-Wellman
Melanie Fisher-WellmanMaker@melanie_fisherwellman · Co-founder & CD, Boostopia
@yawza Thank you so much for the compliment, Yaw!
Yaw Owusu-Barimah
Yaw Owusu-Barimah@yawza · Co Founder @
@melanie_fisherwellman what apps are you using to run your store?
Justin WinterMaker@jcwinter · Co-founder & CEO, Boostopia
@yawza we have lots of goodies we are using :-) Some of the big ones for now are Wishlist Plus, Tabs by Station, Shoelace, Returnly, LImespot, Recart, Klaviyo, and Fomo.
Justin Beard
Justin Beard@justin_beard · COO, Hip eCommerce
Great concept! This should help boost morale for any customer service team. Will be checking this out right now:)
Justin WinterMaker@jcwinter · Co-founder & CEO, Boostopia
@justin_beard thanks Justin, appreciate the feedback!
This is just awesome! Definitely helping to make "customer support" cool again!
Vishal Shah
Vishal Shah@vishalshahcpa · Head of Revenue, Optimizely
Love the concept! Clean design and nice-looking swag to boost support teams.