Airbnb for kitchens.

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Gabriel SongHunter@gabsong · Product Manager
I have been to a dinner and the experience was awesome. I wonder if the hosts have the same experience. How does SupperShare screen people that come to the meals, to ensure the safety of the host? How do you achieve consistency and trust?
Will Imholte@willimholte · Designer, Prime
This doesn't look like Airbnb for kitchens this looks like Airbnb for dining rooms. Very cool, but different things.
Roberto ScacciaMaker@robertoscaccia · entrepreneur | mentor | designer
Hi Will, Airbnb allows you to share your home, Lyft lets you share your car and SupperShare enables you to open your kitchen and host shared dinners that bring people together and strengthen community. With every seat, we donate $1 to a charity partner to give back and strengthen our communities at the local level.
Will Imholte@willimholte · Designer, Prime
@robertoscaccia Maybe I misread the site: isn't the point that Suppershare lets you join others for dinner? IE: I host a dinner by cooking stuff and people come eat with me? That's an awesome thing. I love cooking and eating other people's food. When I think of Airbnb for kitchens though it sounds like I'll be able to rent other people's kitchens—IE: I got to their kitchen to cook when I need to. Think of the difference between Getaround and Lyft—one is about sharing the tool, one is about sharing the result. Note: this is dumb pedantry—I recognize what I said really has no bearing on what you're actually doing.
Roberto ScacciaMaker@robertoscaccia · entrepreneur | mentor | designer
SupperShare is a community where hosts and guests come together over a home-cooked meal. We really appreciate your feedback on our language and branding. We typically describe ourselves as a peer-to-peer platform focused on building community, one shared meal at a time. You totally right regarding Lyft and Getaround. SupperShare platform is a tool for people to share meals and meet new people. In doing so, the result is a community-oriented experience that connects people and supports local causes.