Power your phone for a week, recharge in one hour

27,000 mAh portable charger with dual USB-C PD (100W + 60W) & dual USB-A ports. Quickly charge MacBook Pros & other compatible devices.

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So affordable! When will you start the shipping guys ?
@ani_hakobyan Hi, the estimated delivery is May 2019 :)

Just backed it


The fact it can charge my macbook pro


A better design

Interesting, but I find the design very appealing. It look like a mini suitcase tho
People are really not taking design into consideration when building these batteries. I've spent 8h looking for a good looking battery that is also performant.. none found! Aluminum ones are interesting, but it scratches your phone if you put them in the same pocket. Plastic is too cheap. There are a few with some nice materials, but with only one USB.
@merlot Can't agree more :/
@merlot Hi there. What materials do you have in mind?
@zendure Mophie has some power banks with some nice materials but they are a bit pricey ( probably due to the opportunity of selling them on apple store ). But it can be either some nice, not bulky leather or very light rubber ( something similar to a phone case ) or even a strong glass. I'm not a product designer, but I'm sure you guys can find a way to make performant things look nicer :)
@merlot There aren't many out there. I've bought several of Omnicharge chargers and they're better than most. They recently introduced a new line called OmniMobile that's nicely designed yet is functional - good capacity, light weight and with options. (Note: They're crowdfunding it like they've done for all their products).
Like it! but I'll never back a KS campaign.
@siebe Did you have bad experience..?
@siebe This is already Zendure's 6th campaign and we always deliver.
@siebe The KS campaign went through and they've already been selling their previous products on Amazon for a while. This is more of a pre-order than actual crowdfunding I think.
how many times can it fully charge a macbook pro?
@arthur_manukian Depends on the model, but around 4-5 times.