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Currently the #3 project on Kickstarter, SuperStraps is the world’s first and only backpack booster that instantly relieves shoulder and back tension + lifts 27 pounds of force off your neck. Our patent-pending technology hides behind your backpack straps and activates in just 1 second flat. When you feel your backpack getting heavy, SuperStraps instantly makes your backpack feel lighter and unloads the tension on your shoulders, back and neck. It allows you to walk upright with great posture and makes your favorite backpack ergonomic.

It's made by the team at BetterBack and is available for 35-50% on Kickstarter for a limited time.

  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan LeeThink to Make

    Light and thin on my backpack straps, And always there when I needed them.


    Only used the prototypes, but very excited for the real deal!

    I got to use some Super Straps prototypes on several day hikes and I was always surprised with the mount of relief I felt when I activated the arcs. So awesome!

    Ryan Lee has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 



    -No added benefit compared to tightening existing straps.

    -Lots of bogus claims.


    -Reviews by friends of the creator.

    It's a scam. When you look closer, you realize there's a lot of nonsense in the SuperStraps advertisement.

    -It's not similar to pulling your backpack forward. It doesn't create that same horizontal force. It creates a vertical force, pulling things together. Exactly like tightening existing straps.

    -The load does NOT get distributed over a larger area. Logically, the force is on the inner part, against your body. You know, like your existing straps.

    -The foam is similar to the foam you have on your backpack. And if you don't have foam backpack straps, I suggest you buy a new backpack and not these straps. Also, memory foam wouldn't work any better, because it would get squashed by the pressure against your body.

    -The benefits assigned to this are the benefits of tightening your backpack straps (closer to spine, better posture). The 27 lbs claim seems to come from thin air.

    My advice: just tighten your existing backpack straps! SuperStraps are just another redundant product this company is selling.

    Jill Kelly has used this product for one day.
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Camber Studios
Camber StudiosMaker@camber_studios
This product is going to create a whole new market segment unto itself. I love innovative new products that make you say 'why didn't I think of that?'. It's a fresh, original idea that adds some real style to the mundane area of your pack. Can't wait to see how far this product goes!
Carl Ekman
Carl Ekman@carlekman · Designer & Developer
Could someone please explain what the actual physical difference this makes as compared to just tightening your straps? The "arch of the strap" when activated doesn't actually support weight, so the effective surface area should be the same, no? The point of "thumb trick" is to shift the load to your arms, off of your shoulders, but this would simply bring the backpack closer to your back (just like tightening your straps does). Am I missing something?
Katherine Krug
Katherine KrugMaker@katherinekrug · Founder, BetterBack + SuperStraps
@carlekman Hi Carl! Great to meet. Just like your biceps in the "thumb trick" SuperStraps does pull your backpack over your shoulders, but then two things happen: (1) The arcs distribute the downward pressure from your backpack on a much larger surface area; instead of feeling the crest of your shoulders (and neck) pinched and painful, the weight is distributed through part of your chest. (2) SuperStraps has shock absorbing materials that cushion the new, diffused pressure point in your chest, making it way more comfortable. The thumb trick only works in quick bursts. We all end up dropping our straps and feeling the strain of our backpacks again. Without our thumbs, or SuperStraps, we end up using our head to counterbalance the weight in our bag, mimicking what many are familiar with as "text necking". This leaves us walking around in bad posture, with the force of multiple bowling balls on our necks. SuperStraps fixes that and allows you to walk with great posture, hands free.
Jill Kelly
Jill Kelly@jill_kelly
@carlekman You're totally right. It's the same as tightening existing straps. No added benefit. And no relief like with the pulling forward trick, because it doesn't create a horizontal force, it exerts a vertical strap shortening force. The pressure is NOT spread over a larger area and the foam isn't softer, not that it would matter. I can't believe I fell for the blabla that's BS when you look at it. I wasn't thinking. I feel so scammed.
Max Pelzner
Max Pelzner@whoismaxpelzner · Co-Founder, GHOST PXL
I've been a fan of Katherine and her mission to help people with their back postures ever since I saw her and BetterBack on Shark Tank! I immediately bought one and it made a huge difference and helped relived the pain I was having on my lower back. The Super Straps look like another great product and can't wait to get some of my own! Thanks @katherinekrug! :)
Katherine Krug
Katherine KrugMaker@katherinekrug · Founder, BetterBack + SuperStraps
@whoismaxpelzner HUUUUUGE love, Max! Thank you so much for the support
Nikolai Bratkovski
Nikolai Bratkovski@nikolaib · CEO, Opencare
Pros: Lifts the strain off my neck. Simple. Effective. Cons: none I have had neck issues for the past two years. Anytime I'm out of good posture, it brings on symptoms. SuperStraps fixes my posture when I walk unloads the strain on my neck. Before, I had to consciously relax my shoulders to walk in good posture. This does it for me.
Cameron Howieson
Cameron Howieson@cameron_howieson
Like: Relieves pain in my traps, great design Dislike: Have to wait 8 months for a pair of my own I had been avoiding wearing backpacks because I have tight traps. Super Straps is a total game changer. Highly recommend if you ever feel shoulder, neck or back pain