The fastest USB 3.1 supporting USB with Windows To Go for running on any devices. (Max. 1,000MB/s)

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I have been testing out a prototype of the SSB for almost a month. Booting up into Windows on my Mac. I have played a few games in Steam and in general tested out the Windows environment. The SSB runs a lot faster on a USB-C/Thunderport.


Easy access to Windows on any computer. Portable. Save hard drive space. Very fast USB read/write speed. Easily play the newest PC games.


Purchase cost.

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Congrats on launching this campaign ! Had a similar idea years ago, and it’s awesome to see it well designed. My guess is that you could have a real success with businesses. Some creative agencies run entirely on Macs, but in my experience most don’t even know the existence of Boot Camp… (can’t blame them, it was advertised by Apple 12 years ago..). Even if they do, most won’t get into the hassle of installing it. They could use such a stressless product and wouldn’t hesitate to buy one for each of their Mac.
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Is Windows 10 on a Windows to Go drive the same as a standard Windows 10 install or is it limited in any way?
@ryan_roberts1 You can use the same setting and environment , if you have Windows 10 home, you can use home edition with SSB. Pro match Pro edition with SSB.
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Thanks guys 👍