Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger

Realtime emoji transcription from Area120 by Google

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This seems a little fishy. It's definitely not a Google app. Maybe "by Google" is a mistake in the description?
「 charlie kubal 」
@wtwht · cofounder, head of product | waldo
this is really cool - wish that it was easier to use for messaging outside of the app, though
Sergio Flores
@byoigres · Software Developer
Great, not available for México.
Danny McDonald
@danny_mcdonald · WaVE Accelerator Manager & Ark Apps
So I downloaded this and decided to play with it over the weekend. I showed it to a couple of people. Everyone I showed this to LOVED it! Biggest issue/complaint. Why is this its own messaging app and not just a keyboard integration I can select? I will use it everyday if I could implement it as an additional keyboard. Another market that was brought up wh… See more