Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger

Realtime emoji transcription from Area120 by Google

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This seems a little fishy. It's definitely not a Google app. Maybe "by Google" is a mistake in the description?
@gollyjer it is indeed made by Google, but I agree that the messaging is unclear. Area 120 is an internal idea incubator at Google.
@connorregan Cool, thanks. I see what it is now. Google Inc. isn't mentioned anywhere on the website or the app/play store listings which threw me off a little. Don't want to give permissions to just any old app. :-D
@gollyjer @connorregan Sorry about my poor description. I was just unsure of how to create a tag line that would serve this apps well. My bad!
this is really cool - wish that it was easier to use for messaging outside of the app, though
Great, not available for México.
So I downloaded this and decided to play with it over the weekend. I showed it to a couple of people. Everyone I showed this to LOVED it! Biggest issue/complaint. Why is this its own messaging app and not just a keyboard integration I can select? I will use it everyday if I could implement it as an additional keyboard. Another market that was brought up when I spoke to some people about the product is are older people who still want to be hip. Have you thought at all as that as a potential market for you guys? I can see plenty of the 'rad dad' type of parents who want to be hip and text their kids with emojis, but they don't want to go through the hundreds of emojis. Hope some of this info helps. I love the product and think its a simple/brilliant idea. It works super fast.
@danny_mcdonald Totally agree if this is really from a google team, this should just work with GBoard