Share your best screenshots and follow other people's shots.

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Hey Everyone! We built this app because we realized the best way to share what you see on your phone is to just take a screenshot. URLs work well for sharing the web, but not so great for mobile. As we are all continuing to spend more time on our phones, we are also coming across more things we want to share — game high scores, funny posts/tweets/texts, breaking news, etc. Supershot is a window into seeing what someone else saw on their phone. Since we’re dedicated to screenshots, we can optimize the whole experience around them, including annotating them, navigation, adding emojis to specific locations, and more stuff planned in the future. We hope you enjoy it and would love any feedback you might have. Thanks!
@billychasen Interesting ....Social network for Textshots..
@billychasen IMO this doesn't solve anything that I can't do already in a way that would make me change my habits. I take screenshots, like probably everyone else. Some are appropriate for certain friends some are for Whatsapp groups. If someone follows my feed will they see them all? Why wouldn't I just send them via Whatsapp? I'd just like an album on my phone that auto-saves all my screenshots (maybe there is and I just haven't looked?)
@bentossell It works more like Instagram where everyone has followers. So this is your public feed of screenshots.
@bentossell I actually get too lazy sharing screenshots via whatsapp, I think you're onto something Billy
@billychasen so why wouldn't I just upload my screenshots to Instagram? Would I have to choose what screenshots get posted to the feed?
@heshamghandour I'm not sure how this solves it though... One screenshot - suitable for one group on whatsapp (or facebook/twitter/slack/etc), another one may only apply to a different group. Either way you still take the screenshot... is uploading an image in whatsapp that much of a chore? I can't say that it is, so much so that its a problem that needs solving. All IMO of course...
The struggle of old-school (un-annotated, unorganized) screenshots dominating my camera roll is real @bentossell. Thanks @billychasen!
@adnys so the recent influx in photo-tagging may help with that? I'm just saying I don't think there is a strong enough offering here (for me at least) to warrant changing my current behaviour. With a screenshot I mostly take it and send/share pretty quickly... Or I forget about it and its gone (so it wasn't that important)
@adnys I have wondered when somebody was going to solve *this* problem. When I'm sharing screenshots, usually it is for a particular context or conversation. Once I share it, I hate that I have to go clean them out of my camera roll.
Greetings Product Hunt! I worked on Supershot with @billychasen and I wanted to chat a little bit about why I think this is cool. When you see something interesting happening in front of you, what do you do? Take out your phone and take a photo of it. When you see something interesting happening on your phone, what do you do? Take a screenshot of it. Now think about how much interesting stuff you see on your phone on a daily basis. (Hint: It's a lot). We wanted to make home for those things where they feel like first class citizens. Wether it is something you want to eat (, something that captures how you currently feel (, something that you're really proud of (, or this actual post ( Come one, come all, let's screenshot until we fall.