Pro audio SDK for iOS, Android & Wearables

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For those of you not familiar with some of the really BIG challenges in developing high quality audio on mobile/low power devices -- allow me to explain the Superpowered raison d'etre: 0) Superpowered is designed from scratch to drive audio performance on low-power/mobile devices. It is NOT a desktop audio library shoehorned into mobile. From "Superpowered optimization methods use fewer CPU clock cycles which means not only is the technology faster, but because it users fewer clock cycles, it uses less power as well — allowing a mobile device to run other non-audio related tasks concurrently. It’s a bit like taking an ordinary car, say a VW Bug, adding magic technology to it, which would make it accelerate like a Porsche and get the fuel efficiency of a Prius at the same time. Now the physics of automobiles won’t actually allow you do that — but the physics of digital signal processing will." Which means it frees up mobile processors to do more than just process audio, for example process other signals/data etc etc See Superpowered CTO/cofounder Gabor use the MYO with DJ Player App (running Superpowered):
1) For iOS developers, Superpowered offers better performance AND an easier to use API than CoreAudio. We've even open-sourced some code that helps handle iOS audio output. 2) Not only do we offer incredible performance, and much friendlier API but for Android developers, Superpowered solves a huge portion of the fragmentation problems around Android. Develop and run your audio with Superpowered, and it will run on any device running Jelly Bean. Google's own API's don't even allow for this. Sounds crazy but true. Should anyone have any questions about Superpowered at all -- more than happy to answer them.