All-in-one cryptotrading terminal with automation ⚙️💸

Meet *drums* Superorder😻
Superorder is a cryptocurrency trading terminal which allows you to manage trades across multiple exchanges and enjoy powerful automation features bringing your trading to the next level.
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Hi 👋 I’m Nikita from Superorder. In the beginning, we started working on Superorder in a small team of two, working part-time and keeping our main jobs as the primary source of the income. We spent nothing on marketing and got more than 1000 active traders, most of them have heard about us through the word of mouth. During the public beta of Superorder we grew up from $1M to $15M in a monthly volume of transactions, and we have a lot of great ideas about the product’s future. With advanced drag-and-drop strategy builder you can program sequences of actions or strategies which will be automatically executed by the terminal while you are doing something else. Plus, there are more features not supported by exchanges directly but available via Superorder : ✔️Trailing Stops ✔️Hidden orders ✔️Extended chart timeframes ✔️TradingView Charts ✔️Stop Loss + Take Profit Combos #Moonahead
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I just signed up on Superorder, my first impression is really good. Looking forward working with this new Crypto trading system.


Simple overview Tight design Very readable Dark mode looks stunning


so far so good

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Nice design, nice people.


It's easy to use and gives me greater control. Big fan.


It's early days so not sure what support etc will be like, but the seem responsive for now.

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Hi Superorder, congratulations on your Producthunt launch. All the best and wish you guys a great PH party over there! BTW I love the dark mode UI, great job guys! @vladyslavvashchinskyi see you soon ;)
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One of the best experiences I've had with crypto trading has been with superorder. As for now, I will top it off as the best. This company is making moves in the right direction.
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